7 Steps To Getting That Call

These days being a musician is so much more than just being able to play your instrument!

In my last post, I talked about all the other skill sets you can have to make yourself more employable once you’ve been called for the job. This is a prerequisite to that, and it’s how you get called for that job!

Here are my top 7 skills to help you get that call, and ways it’s helped me.

1. Socials

I know it’s a pain and it is for me too, but putting content out there (and not just about yourself) makes people interested in who you are. Also its a great way to connect with other musicians and see what’s going on. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by what everyone else is doing and comparing yourself. Best way to battle this is just keep your ultimate goals in mind, and support those going for theirs.

How it’s helped me : This is how Becky Hill first saw me

2. Create Videos

I’ve already done a post about this, but I’m talking all sorts, cover videos, little snippets of grooves, sneak peeks at rehearsals, maybe even a ‘from the musicians’sPOV’ at a gig (if the artist is ok with that of course)!

How it’s helped me : This video is why The Darkness called me

3. Website

This is one of the most important hubs of information about you. Keep it simple and to the point. This should be the first place you direct potential gigs to, so make sure you’re happy with it and you’re representing yourself exactly how you would like to be seen.

How It’s Helped Me : This website is where I send everyone.

4. Do Your Own Thing

Create your own project! This could be with friends, or alone. Just have a creative outlet that when work is scarce, you still feel like you’re growing and contributing. It doesn’t have to have the end goal of you being incredibly famous and rich. Do it for you.

How It’s Helped Me : I decided to do my own project in 2015. I’ve never worked so hard, been so stressed out, and grown so much. Priceless.

5. Be Busy

I always remember Cherisse’s dad saying to us as kids, ‘people always want to hire someone who’s busy’. And he was so right. Logical thinking – ‘wow they’re playing with lots of people, they must be great! Let’s get them!’

How It’s Helped Me : Hard to quantify, but I do remember The Darkness boys saying, ‘ok so we see you’re really busy and on tour with Thompson Twins’ Tom Bailey, but can we work with you after that?’

6. Just Hang Out

A really sweet uni student once said to me ‘can I come and network with you sometime?’ I had to say to him, never use those words ever again! Ha! Go to gigs, jam nights, make friends, be genuine and just generally hang out. Your ‘network’ will evolve naturally.

How It’s Helped Me : Again, hard to quantify, but I’m pretty certain that 90% of gigs I’ve been called for has an element of me previously spending time with one of the people involved.

7. Be Independent

I’m not talking totally, lone-wolf kind of status here. What I mean is, if you get asked to do something, or you have a moment of inspiration, have the skill set to do it yourself. For instance if you suddenly want to make a random conceptual video with your own music, make sure you’re able to make the music, film it, and edit it all together. Nothing kills inspiration and momentum more than waiting 3 weeks for an edit of your video to come back. Always try to work to your own schedule.

How It’s Helped Me : The whole of the creative side of Feathers and Cogs was created in this way… Inspiration would hit at 2am, followed by ‘Great! How am I gonna do that then?’, followed by meticulous researching and experimentation.

What are the ways you maximise getting called for work? Leave a reply at the bottom.

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