Time To Learn

As a followup from my previous posts, Learn 40 Songs in a Day, and Learning Without An Instrument, here’s how I split up my time in learning songs, depending on my timeframe:


In short, the less time I have, the less I decide to concentrate all of my time on. I find this works for me, but definitely find your own way, and what works best for you!

How do you split your time when learning something new? Leave a comment below.

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5 thoughts on “Time To Learn

  1. Really interesting approach Emily. Thanks for sharing it. I’m interested in the approach for various band members. We tend to drag when it comes to getting progress on learning new material and I’ve experimented with various ways of charting stuff so each instrument and type of personality can ‘get it’ quickly.
    Defining the other aspects here is a great point. Thanks again!


    1. I love finding the best and most effective way to learn something… I love that you’re the one working out the best way to learn for all your band members! Ha! They’re very lucky with you doing all the leg work for them!


      1. It’s either that or I sit with my angry face on ‘cos it’s taking so long!! What we tend to use are very similar to your “40 songs” charts. Lots of squiggles and section prompts like “Boom Boom bit” or “nifty run” etc. Also Bar counts are useful.
        I’m introducing our drummer to your ideas – watch this space 😉

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