6 Things You Must Take On Tour!

This applies to anyone who is going away! Not necessarily a tour involving music, but could be a book tour, a roadtrip, holiday or even just a long weekend! These are my top things I’ve decided are essential for my travelling experience!

1. Rice Cooker

Now those that have worked with me will know how I feel about rice cookers. They’re great!!! I was shown the light by my sister 4 years ago, (she is an ice skater with Disney On Ice) and ever since, I’ve been taking either a rice cooker or an electric skillet* on the road with me!

*For the UK folks, it’s a frying pan you plug-in

No more scrounging round for rubbish food, or just living off the ‘fun sized’ chocolate bars on the rider for months at a time! I just find a local supermarket, but some rice (funnily enough) and then as we go I’ll buy some fresh veg, some meat, or eggs and create some rice bowl/one pot type dishes 🙂 I also have a repurposed pencil-case that I carry some essential spices, some oil, cutlery and a small cutting knife. It has changed my life forever and if you want to stay feeling fairly healthy and not put on a ton of weight whist you’re away, then do it. Do it now! 🙂

2. Neck Pillow

This one is pretty obvious, but it really is essential! Either you’re flying to, from and around places, or you’re driving (well more being driven at least some of the time – I don’t suggest using it whilst you’re actually behind the wheel!), I find it’s useful for maximizing what precious time you have to rest. Even if you’re in hotels every night, you never know, you might end up in the room where you can hear the person 5 rooms along watching TV and everyone in-between! That’s a serious infringement of rest time!

The only time maybe this isn’t as relevant is on a sleeper tour bus…but even then, you’ve gotta get to the bus! 🙂

3. Water Bottle

I am a bit of a hydration fiend, so this one is important to me. It sounds so silly and simple, and I got this tip from another drummer. Always have a water bottle… and not necessarily a full one! Whenever I go to airports, I take my empty bottle, get through security and then fill it up at the water fountains… voila! Saves having to go and buy a paper in WHSmiths to get the ‘free’ bottle of Buxton water!

4. Mini Pharmacy

I always carry with me a little emergency pack of medicines for a number of different ailments. I had a horrible experience in China where I was really sick, but couldn’t make head nor tail of any of their medicines! I needed something for a dodgy stomach, and after much negotaition with a really lovely pharmasist, (that couldn’t speak a lick of English) I think I got given something for Athlete’s foot! Suffice to say, since that incident, I carry a very basic emergency medicine pack for myself and anyone around me that might need tending to.

5. Gym Gear

I think coupled along with trying to eat healthily, trying to get in some workout time is super important to not just stay fit, but to stay mentally sane! A perfect time to reflect, regroup and maybe even listen to…

6. Music To Remind You Of Home

No matter where I am in the world, and how I’m feeling, I always carry a playlist of music to remind me of home and whats important to me. During any tour you’re essentially in a bubble. Sometimes that bubble can be amazing, full of energy and almost euphoric, other times the bubble can be tainted with self-doubt, conflict and stress, and of course everything in-between! For me music is always the saviour of this.

  • Maximum Euphoria – my music will make me even more appreciative of my situation as well as simultaneously keeping me grounded.
  • Stress – My music will put things into perspective and keep me positive.

Also it’s just great to have some music to fall asleep to if you’re finding it hard in an alien environment.

What are you essential things for touring and travelling? Leave your comments below.

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